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Damage to your vehicle doesn’t have to mean a totaled car!

When your car is in an accident, the amount of damage it sustains can determine whether or not your car will be considered totaled. A totaled vehicle simply means that the amount of money required to fix your vehicle is more than what your car is currently worth. That means that if your car sustains some damage, but has lots of miles, it doesn’t matter if the car works well, your insurance company might consider it totaled!

Vehicle Framework in Raleigh, North Carolina

Here at Reliable Collision & Painting, we prefer to give you some options for your vehicle rather than considering every car with frame damage totally totaled. If you have been in an accident in the Raleigh, North Carolina area and have damage to your vehicle framework, we can help you determine if your car can be reasonably fixed.

At Reliable Collision & Painting, we offer free estimates on all of our services, including things like vehicle framework. Because we have over 26 years of experience working on vehicles, we can tell you with more accuracy and precision what your vehicle framework repairs will end up costing you. In addition to giving you accurate estimates on cost, we can also give you better estimates on the timeline of your repairs as well.

After an accident, instead of worrying about if your car will be irreparably damaged due to problems with the vehicle framework, try taking your vehicle to our team at Reliable Collision & Painting to take a look. We would love to work with you and your insurance to determine if vehicle framework repairs are a possibility for your vehicle.

At Reliable Collision & Painting, we offer vehicle framework services for residents of Raleigh, Garner, Cary, Fuquay-Varina, and Holly Springs, North Carolina.