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From clamps for mufflers to custom-bend exhaust pipes, we’ll get your vehicle’s exhaust system in top condition.

Did you know that your vehicle can make you sick? It’s true! If the muffler and exhaust system isn’t performing its job as it should, dangerous fumes could get into the cabin of the vehicle. An improperly functioning exhaust system can also affect the efficiency of your vehicle and its performance. Here at Reliable Collision & Painting, we recognize the critical role that mufflers and exhaust pipes fill and offer the services you need to have peace of mind that your vehicle’s exhaust system is in top working order.

Mufflers in Raleigh, North Carolina

Whether you need nothing more than a replacement clamp on the muffler or something more specialized like a custom-bent exhaust pipe to fit any make or model, our experienced team is equipped to handle it in a timely manner, so you can get back on the highways of Raleigh, North Carolina knowing you and your family aren’t at risk.

Reliable is more than just our name – it is the motto by which we conduct all our auto restoration and repair services. We never return a vehicle to a customer that isn’t reliable. We check everything out from bumper to bumper to let you know about any issues you might not have known about. This is not designed to increase the cost for your vehicle repair, but to make you aware of anything that could be unsafe or that you should plan to fix in the near future so that you can plan ahead.

What that means is that if you come in asking about mufflers, we won’t pressure you to do anything else. It also means that if the muffler is fine, we’ll tell you that rather than charge you for a repair you don’t need. Our integrity is one reason we’ve been around for more than 26 years and plan to be for years to come. Contact us today with any questions you may have about mufflers or any of our services.

At Reliable Collision & Painting, we perform work on muffler systems for residents of Raleigh, Garner, Cary, Fuquay-Varina, and Holly Springs, North Carolina.