DIY Vehicle Painting: A Lesson in DIY Don’ts

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An average DIY project can save people quite a bit of money! With a little creativity, some practice, help from someone more skilled or even a good internet tutorial video, people are learning how to do all sorts of things. From hanging their own drywall to learning complex mathematical equations in their pajamas, there is a wealth of DIY knowledge out there. That being said, there are some things that are really just better off in the hands of experts, and vehicle painting is definitely one of those DIY projects that should be avoided.

attractive and reliable vehicle painting job

Most of us have seen a poorly done DIY vehicle painting job in our lives. Now, many of these are old cars that have been spray-painted in an attempt to change a color on the cheap. One of the biggest issues with this type of DIY and even more sophisticated versions of the same idea is that these people lack the right equipment! Vehicle painting requires specialized paint, sprayers, and the right mixture of materials and skill to make a vehicle painting job look as it should and also serve as a protective layer.

Even if you do happen to find the right type of paint and equipment, what many people forget to factor into their DIY dreams is their skill level. Vehicle painting is not as easy as it looks! A lot of preparation and practice go in to making a vehicle painting job look perfectly uniform and smooth. If you make a mistake with this type of paint, you’re either stuck with the mistake or the cost to fix it!

If you want an attractive and reliable vehicle painting job, come to our experienced team at Reliable Collision & Painting. You won’t regret skipping this DIY job — we promise!