Do I Need to Worry About the Crack in My Auto Glass?

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Driving is an enjoyable and convenient way to get where you need to go, but that doesn’t mean that you can get from one place to another every time without some sort of issue! The odds are that at some point while you are driving, a rock will be kicked up or roll out the back of a truck and hit your windshield or other part of your windows. Auto glass is made to withstand collisions from small objects moving at fast speeds, usually leaving you with a crack rather than a shattered window. If you have a crack, you might be wondering if you can wait until your next paycheck to have it fixed or just how long you can wait before you need to fix that auto glass.

Auto glass functions better as a whole

  • It matters where the crack on your auto glass is. Generally, if the crack starts and ends close to the perimeter of the glass, then you are able to repair the auto glass at your own convenience. However, if the crack or divot is in an area where the heating and cooling will only cause it to spread, then you should get it checked immediately. If the crack is one that branches off in several directions, almost like the legs of a spider or insect, that is a case that also should be looked at immediately.
  • The more cracks, the more you should worry. Auto glass functions better as a whole, complete piece. With cracks already present, your next chip might cause more damage than would otherwise be possible. Additionally, the more cracks that are present, the harder it is to see clearly!

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